From what we’ve seen, the PlayStation 4’s hotly anticipated v1.70 firmware update is shaping up to be something of a humdinger. In addition to stripping away the device’s bothersome HDCP encryption, it will also incorporate the SHAREfactory – a video editing suite that will allow you to take your game captures to the next level.

However, while the system software upgrade itself looks great, it’s been on the agenda for over a month now, and still there’s no sign of a release date. Responding to a query on the European PlayStation Blog, manager Fred Dutton has apologised for the delay, but insisted that a date is coming “very soon”.

“We’ll confirm a release date very soon,” he wrote. “Sorry to keep you waiting.” We’d put money on the update arriving this week, but we have also heard whispers that it’s due out on 30th April, so you may have to wait a little while longer yet. Either way, we can’t wait to start creating some custom clips in SHAREfactory.