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Guide: How to Dim the PS4 Controller's Light Bar

Posted by Sammy Barker

Dulling the DualShock 4

One of the most consistent complaints pertaining to the PlayStation 4’s controller has been aimed at the device’s light bar. Designed to provide PlayStation Camera tracking and in-game feedback, the illuminated panel has been a constant source of criticism since the next-gen console’s release. Fortunately, Sony has listened, and implemented a feature that allows you to dull the brightness of the glowing surface.

1. Adjust device

Once you’ve turned on the console, connect your controller by pushing the PlayStation button. When it’s paired with the PS4, hold the PlayStation button down again for a few seconds, and select the ‘Adjust Devices’ option.

2. Change brightness

In the subsequent menu, you’ll find a tab labelled ‘Brightness of DualShock 4 Light Bar’. Scroll down to this and select it. From here you’ll be able to choose from three settings: ‘Bright (Standard)’, ‘Medium’, and ‘Dim’. Select the option that you feel is most appropriate, and the intensity of the light will change.

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imtom2002 said:

Wonder how much this will improve the battery life. I seem to be constantly charging my pad.



JaxonH said:

The light never bothered me at all. But if dimming it will improve battery life then I'm all in. Otherwise, I really don't care one way or the other. I actually think it looks kinda neat with the blue light on.



Tasuki said:

You can also go to the settings menu then select controller and adjust it from there. I didnt even know you can use the button on the controller to do it.

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