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MLB 14's Road to the Show Just Got a New Beginning

Posted by Edwin Garcia

Become a star

MLB 14 The Show is releasing soon, and with it marks the return of the super popular Road to the Show mode. This feature allows you to create a player that you control and improve as he embarks on a journey to become the next big star to bat in the Major Leagues. And just so that this option doesn't get stale to veterans of Sony's baseball exclusive, an all-new opening has been added to the campaign.

Once you've created a player, you'll be whisked off to the Topps Amateur Showcase. This new addition will allow you to prove yourself on the diamond and try to impress some Major League scouts. If you don't do as well as you would have liked – let's be honest, not everyone is great under pressure – there is an option to go back to school. This will allow you to try the showcase again, but it does come with a downside, as your player will age during that period, meaning that you'll have less time to develop into a star.

Do you consider this addition a home run? What other improvements would you like to see? Hit us with a curveball in the comments section below.


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KAPADO said:

Isn't this similar to what NBA2k14 did ?
But hey anything new is welcome I have been meaning to but a baseball game since 2011 . I'm waiting for the ps4 reveal in order to decide.



Shellybird27 said:

I can't wait for this on PS4. The graphics, will be outstanding. Best sport games around!



Edwin_Garcia said:

@KAPADO Pretty much the same thing, except this one consists of three games. Anything to add to the experience is welcomed in my book =]

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