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Guide: How Not to Die Quite As Much in Dark Souls II on PS3

Posted by Ben Potter

This one's a video

Words are for weirdos who like books and stuff, so while you may have enjoyed our excellent Dark Souls II beginner’s guide from last week, there’s a chance that you may have struggled with all of the sentences. Fortunately, this intrepid video editor has returned with a must watch introduction to From Software’s unfair sequel that includes very few words at all. Stick that in your ink pot, Dickens!

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get2sammyb said:

The timing on the "to help you not die... as much" made me laugh out loud. If I ever play this game — which I won't — I'll be sure to employ these tips. As already established, though, I'd rather suck out my eyeballs with a Dyson and boil them in hot water.



Shellybird27 said:

@get2sammyb Why? Even though i havent played this-yet. I've watched vids of it, and it's not impossible. I know you're a huge gamer- so you should manage just fine.



mibtar said:

@get2sammyb are you serious? I can't imagine myself not playing a souls game. But I guess I can understand cause I'm actually allergic to anything FPS. To each his own.



Alpha said:

man, i want this game so damn bad! my friend has it tho and he says it kinda needs internet tho for playing it cuz the enemies will stop spawning if you kill them enough....

OH Well i still want it, does anyone know when the Black Armor Edition will be on Sale?

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