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SteamWorld Dig Tunnelling Its Way to PS4, PS Vita in March

Posted by Edwin Garcia

Gem in the rough

Swedish developer Image & Form has announced that its steampunk mining platformer SteamWorld Dig is coming to both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It will be digging a hole in the PlayStation Network next month for €8.99/$9.99. The game will feature cross-buy, meaning that once you purchase it on one console you'll be able to redeem it on the other for free.

The title will see you take control of Rusty, a mining steam-bot. The goal is to tunnel your way into the Earth searching for gold and other rare ores. As you get deeper, you'll face various enemies, and you'll need to make sure that you have enough resources to keep going further. This is a Metroidvania style platformer in which your progression is aided by weapon upgrades.

Originally launching in August 2013 on other platforms, it garnered plenty of critical acclaim, and now the PlayStation community will be able to understand why. Let us know if you'll be picking up this steamy release in the comments section below.

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AhabSpampurse said:

This game is sooooo good. Bought it one rainy day and ended up devouring it in a 10 hour binge. To the people who are yet play, I envy you.



Dodoo said:

@AhabSpampurse - Me too man!

Bought this on 3DS last year and was glued to it until I finished it!.

Superb game. So good I may even buy it again on Vita



moomoo said:


This is the best game on the eShop. Any PSN peeps who haven't played this before are in for a treat.



Jazzer94 said:

Loved playing through this on my 3DS, if there is extra content on these versions I may have to buy again.

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