Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that a Japanese PlayStation Network account is virtually mandatory if you want to test out some exotic software. And while it’s still unclear whether Yakuza Ishin will actually make its way overseas, at least you’ll be able to use your abovementioned alternate login to play the opening moments of the game.

SEGA has confirmed that a demo for the PlayStation 3 iteration of the historical adventure will deploy on 13th February in the Land of the Rising Sun, allowing you to sample the very beginning of the impending adventure. The taster will augment you with the opportunity to trial the title’s four fighting styles, which spans swords, pistols, hand-to-hand combat, and ranbu.

You’ll need to clear out 2.4GB of hard drive space in order to install the sampler. Also, keep in mind that the current-gen version will lack the resolution and frame-rate improvements present in the PlayStation 4 release. Still, getting some hands-on time with the title may make you scream a little louder for that Atlus localisation rumour to come true.