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Resogun DLC Will Blast Away Your Boredom on PS4 Soon

Posted by Sammy Barker

More humans to harbour

Assuming that you’re not a fan of buxom British archaeologists and elaborately attired thieves, the PlayStation 4’s immediate release schedule is looking a little on the light side. Don’t distress too much, though, because Finnish outfit Housemarque is hard at work on some additional content for its free with PlayStation Plus shooter Resogun.

While it stopped short of sharing any solid information, the company confirmed the snippet in response to a fan on Facebook. It also reiterated that it’s secretly chipping away at a second next generation project, which is widely rumoured to be Dead Nation 2. What sort of additional content would you like to see implemented into the abovementioned studio’s sublime shmup? Save our souls in the comments section below.


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Similar to to what they did with Super Stardust Delta, ships and gamemodes.

Though competitive multiplayer beyond highscores would be pretty neat.



ivanmata said:

I'd buy it, I already got platinum for the game, can't wait for more!

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