Dead Nation 2 Concept Art Stumbles into Sight

It seems like a sequel to Housemarque’s popular dual-joystick shooter Dead Nation was on the cards at one point. The official website of concept artist Amar Djouad features three pieces of artwork from the hypothetical follow-up, one of which includes dinosaurs. Sadly, according to the employee’s CGHub portfolio, the project was cancelled.

Dead Nation 2 2

Other pitches presented on Djouad’s website include a shelved The Walking Dead tie-in and a Superman game. Judging by the artwork, the former looked like it was going to be a reworked version of Dead Nation, taking advantage of the same isometric perspective. Meanwhile, the Man of Steel title was supposedly based on an older, worn out incarnation of the superhero.

Dead Nation 2 3

Exactly what the Super Stardust HD developer is actually working on right now is unclear. It’s most recent project was the Angry Birds Trilogy for Activision.

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