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4J Studios Aiming to Extract 'Nasty' Minecraft: PS3 Edition Bugs

Posted by Sammy Barker

Digging deeper

Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition may have dug a tunnel straight to the top of the PlayStation Network charts, but it hasn’t all been easy excavating for the hotly anticipated re-release. Not long after the title received its first patch in late December, budding burrowers reported issues regarding soiled save files – and it’s a problem that developer 4J Studios has openly acknowledged on its Twitter page.

“Happy New Year everyone,” a representative said earlier this week. “We're now back at work – looks like we have some nasty PS3 issues to fix.” Asked to clarify if it was beavering away on a solution for the abovementioned glitch, the Scottish outfit stated that it’s “testing a fix” for that as we type. The impending update will also solve several other lingering issues in the latest iteration of the game.

Such setbacks have prevented the company from making much progress in the promised PlayStation 4 and Vita ports, but the stretched studio does stress that they’re still in the pipeline. It’s thought that both versions will arrive sometime in the summer, preventing you from stepping out into the sunshine. Have you been struck by the dreaded corrupt save bug, or were you smart enough to stash your progress somewhere safe until the glitch gets fixed? Wield your platinum pickaxe in the comments section below.


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benrawr said:

Yep, not only did it stop Minecraft from working for me but it also stopped my PS3 turning on 90% of the time until I deleted all Minecraft data D:
Silver lining though:- procedural generation means my current play through is 50x more awesome



Grockumus said:

I had a weird problem where after I installed the patch (forgot which one, think it was the first one), all the enchantments on my weapons and tools disappeared. Perhaps it was a save file revert or something weird like that. Regardless, I got the platinum a while ago, so no worries! Back to the PC version



Manic7Muppet8 said:

I've not encountered the corrupt save glitch yet, but I haven't been putting hours upon hours into the game yet. However I did purchase the Xmas skins set and haven't been able to get that working.



Jaz007 said:

Dang, what's with all these major releases and their bugs? I know they happen and are unavoidable, but I expect bugs that mess with progress in the game to dealt with. Things like should not have ever happened in TLoU, GTA5 and now this.

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