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Warframe Suits Up for a Gigantic Update on PS4

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Better beta

Digital Extremes' Warframe is still technically in beta, and it shows with this absolutely monstrous new update. Everything in the patch is detailed on the free-to-play shooter's official forum, from the mountain of gameplay changes to more standard bug fixes, and the introduction of new unlockable content.

The suitably titled "Valkyr Unleashed" update adds in the Valkyr as a playable frame, which is described as a female berserker class. To go along with your new rampaging character build, a few deadly-sounding weapons have also been added, including the "Tigris" – a double-barrel shotgun. Meanwhile, the biggest gameplay alterations seem like a decent step forward: you'll no longer need to be sprinting in order to wall-run, and several significant changes have been made to the progression of survival and extermination mission types.

Take a gander at the full patch notes, and let us know whether or not you'll be infiltrating your way back into Warframe this weekend in the comments section below.


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barney555 said:

Good game and triple kills come easy. Runs smooth enough can only gwt better.
Problem i have is bf4. Errmm hard to wanna play this dispite it being better than cod. Isnt hard. Bf is just epic and such fun. Does what it says. A battle



Jaz007 said:

I'm waiting for cross-play with PC. That'll be an update in excited for.



Gamer83 said:

Been enjoying this game when I do get a chance to play it so I'll check out this update.



Jaz007 said:

I've been playing a bit, and none of my damage mods seem to be working. The game feels really messed with balancing compared to before too. My charged melee atacks feel less powerful and reliable now, and the infestation (the update did remove them from early missions and I only fought them with one of the special alert missions) feel rediculously overpowered now. It takes an insane amount of damage to kill them. (part of the issue might be my mods not working, but the infestation feels beyond the difference they could make right now) This new update isn't looking good right now.



xMonk said:

I play this on PC and that update has been out for a good minute! Valkyr is insanely fun to play and her ult is OP if you have the right mods equipped to up damage and lengthen duration time.

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