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Phase 3 PS4 Stock Seeping into UK GAME Stores Now

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Are you still struggling to find a PlayStation 4? New stock is arriving around the UK as we type – but you’re going to need to be speedy if you hope to secure one of the sought after systems. GAME outlets throughout the country are reporting that they’ve received Phase 3 stock of the next generation platform today, and while much of this is being reserved for pre-orders, there are loose units doing the rounds.

We reached out to the retailer’s Stockport branch and were told that Killzone: Shadow Fall packages are available now for general purchase. Even better, the store is not enforcing outrageous bundles, meaning that the device can be yours for just £399.99. Outlets in Rugby and Castleford are also teasing that stock is available, though many of these appear to be pre-ordered.

If you’re searching for a system, our advice is to contact your local branch by telephone and see what the situation is in-store. There are wild units to be found, but you’re going to need to be prompt if you want to nab one. How’s the PS4 stock situation in your area? Light a flare in the comments section below if you’ve found a spare machine.

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Carl-G said:

I hope SONY make enough over Christmas. I got 1 but not seen any in the shops around SW London, LOADS of Xbox ONE's tho i saw in the few Shops i went into



RisefromAshes said:

Sony are killing it.

I said to everyone that the price tag "alone" would make the PS4 a big seller and I was right.

The games will come over time.

Right now, it's all about getting the PS4 out into the public domain with people giving positive feedback and spreading the word.

Word of mouth has proven to be the best method of selling a console. This seems to be the case with PS4. EVERYONE wants to buy it. : D

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