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Christmas PS4 Stock Arriving at Argos on 13th December in UK

Posted by Sammy Barker

Sony's system available soon

If you’re living in the UK, there’s still hope that you may receive a PlayStation 4 in time for Christmas. We’ve been in contact with Argos, and have been informed that the catalogue-based retailer is expecting a fresh shipment of systems on 13th December. A representative for the outlet told us to keep an eye on its website on Friday, but presumably these will be available in store too.

As always, it’s best to check with your local shop before making any journeys. Last week, the company told us that it was expecting new stock before 25th December, so presumably this is the supply that it’s been waiting for. We checked in with several other UK merchants – Sainsbury’s and Morrisons – but none could confirm that they were due new devices soon.

You can keep tabs on Argos’ product page for the next generation system through here. Also, don’t forget to check out our UK PS4 stock guide for more information. Are you still having trouble tracking down a console? Do you have any insider supply information? Share your secrets in the comments section below.

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JayJay94 said:

If you live in birmingham then you are quite a lucky person, cause tesco have some ps4 in stock in there yardley store which is a tesco express. This is where I got my ps4 today and I am extremely happy. Btw they are not telling anyone on the phone if they have any in stock.



rhys1981 said:

I was just able to order PS4 with killzone from Argos for delivery on Monday



gavinbrowne said:

I just ordered a PS4 with killzone for delivery on Saturday! Absolutely delighted as I have been trying to find one for days on stockinformer with no luck.



dynasty889 said:

That's awesome! Hopefully I'll be able to get a PS4 for Christmas .... [...that is, if I'm quick enough] Good luck to everyone who's going to attempt to get it too!



adi19956 said:

Just snagged the PS4 with Killzone for delivery on Saturday. Will probably try the two controller bundle tomorrow and return this order. It's not wrong because someone else will get it



MrPeanutButter said:

does this mean I will be able to order one for home deliver?
or do I have to go to my local store?
and what time should I check the website



debz said:

It was a total fluke. I managed to get one arriving on monday..yeah Christmas saved.



panky_90 said:

Will they be in from opening? Or are they expecting a deliver at some point tomorrow so all of a sudden they will become available?



Clarkymj said:

Looks like they decided to release the stock early. Check out their twitter! Although, I've been stalking the Argos website all day without any joy, seems the guys above were the lucky ones who got the only two units Argos got. I'll still keep an eye out tomorrow but won't be holding my breath.



Tummons5150 said:

Can't believe I actually got one today for home delivery comes on Saturday that's Christmas done with



Clarkymj said:

I'm glad for those of you quick enough to nab one. Congrats. please forgive me though, for I can't help but feel a smidge of resentment. Lol



gavinbrowne said:

I was just lucky enough to have read the comment that rhys1981 left here in post 4 and went straight to the argos website and was successful. I can only assume that the stock ran out fairly soon a after that.



Clarkymj said:

I actually managed to get one to my Argos trolley at about 4am this morning, said it was in stock, allowed me as far as making payment, selected delivery date and every time I pressed to continue, it kept trying to tell me I needed to enable cookies. Having checked, double checked, downloaded various other browsers, tried my ipad, phone, laptop.... it wouldn't let me process the payment. After about an hour of trying it suddenly showed as out f stock! Fuming. Arrrggghh



yakuzah said:

No Stock in Argos showing in all the stores around my area yet. I have either missed them or they don't have the stock yet.



yakuzah said:

I take it all back....! Woohoo reserved one in Essex. Sweet! Pick up tomorrow. Will let everyone know if successful.



Andy64 said:

Keep trying with Argos, I got two today, one in Telford and one in Cannock (kill zone), just use 1 click reserve and pay in the shop, Argos said stock arriving each day but in bits



imzo said:

Ive been checking every argos within 10 miles of where i live from about 4am this morning - still showing as out of stock for collection and delivery - i even called into the store this morning just to check (thought maybe they hadnt updated the site yet), but got the same thing... Ah well - just gotta keep checking i suppose.



dynasty889 said:

Looks like I'm unlucky this time . Well, that's what you'd expect anyway, I wasn't quick enough. Congratulations though who were able to order a PS4, hope you have fun with it! . If anything, I'll just get the PS4 in a month's time or so.



MrPeanutButter said:

just got one frome argos
it was the killzone says unavailable for home delivery but if u put in a postcode it works
hurry they run out quick



Clarkymj said:

Mr PeanutButter, so very many thanks for the heads up. I have finally secured myself a solid order. I feel myself wanting to shed a river of tears. I'm so eff**g happy.



kids_i_o_u_1_PS said:

I've been trying on and off all day with zero stock all of the time in the south west. If anyone orders one could you do the rest of us a favour and post the store or postcode?



gavinbrowne said:

There is stock of the kill zone pack available to collect from at least 2 stores in edinburgh at 20:10 friday



Kaya said:

I ordered on 12th for home delivery after devoting pretty much all my time in securing one! Fingers crossed I get tomorrow, I'm in south west and postcode gl7 if that helps...It was killzone pack...gloucestershire...fingers crossed for everyone



MrPeanutButter said:

@Clarkymj I know how u feel I've been trying to find a ps4 all week and have spent literally all my time scouring the internet. That's why I posted it here as soon as I confirmed my order. So yeah congratulations on your order. Have a merry Christmas=) =)



Kaya said:

Argos let me down today for delivery blaming Yodel although Yodel say argos didn't send it to them....argos have assured me delivery Monday but I'm dubious!! Argh!

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