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A Tornado May Have Taken This Man's Home, But It Spared His PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

System shock

There are often scant silver linings when a fierce tornado cruelly destroys your home and all of your worldly belongings, but one Washington dweller found a single reason to smile this week – his brand new PlayStation 4 weathered the storm. The above image – shared on Reddit yesterday – shows an optimistic home owner holding onto his undamaged console amid the wreckage of his former front room.

While the picture may raise a wry smile, the poster also had a much more important message to spread: if you want to help with the Tornado relief effort, consider donating to the Red Cross. Given the devastation of the storm, any contributions will make a difference – be they financial or blood-based. You can find out more information on that through here. In the meantime, cross your fingers and hope that this guy will be playing Killzone: Shadow Fall soon.


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WickedKnightAl said:

Consoles want to be him
Handhelds want to be consoles, so they can be him
He had a light of death, just to see how the Xbox felt
He once survived an EF4 tornado without leaving his package
He is the most interesting PS4 in the world



Tasuki said:

Wow. Still nothing beats the Gameboy that went through a bomb blast in the Gulf War.

Still glad that he made it out alright.



EyeDeeNO76 said:

This story makes me feel somewhat better amidst the stories of some ass-hats out there... one smashing a PS4 with a bat at Best Buy in Orlando anther destroy his PS4 in his garage and then urinate on it to yet anther that shoots the console with two rounds from a .50 cal. Barrett all so they can some hits on YouTube. But this guy in Washington IL. who found his PS4 untouched after weather from hell is good one.

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