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You'll Be Able to Fulfil Your Destiny with a Pre-Order

Posted by Sammy Barker

Bungie unlocks beta access

While you impatiently chomp at your nails waiting for Bungie to deploy Destiny’s next gameplay trailer, has accidentally announced a sliver of information regarding the first-person shooter’s online beta, which is set to begin in early 2014. According to the retailer, pre-ordering the title on either the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 will reward you with access to the multiplayer test, but only while beta codes last.

We suspect that this will be officially confirmed when the title’s new video fires online later today. In the meantime, check out the game’s box art which was officially revealed yesterday. And stop biting your nails – it’s a horrible habit.


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InsertNameHere said:

I'm hoping Destiny is successful because it looks likea pretty fun game. Between this, Shadow Fall and Tom Clancy's The Division I won't be FPS-less for a good long while.

2014 looks like it's going to give 2013 a run for its money. inFAMOUS Second Son, The Division, Lightning Returns, DBZ: Battle of Z, The Order: 1886 and those are just a few of the ones we know about.



Malouff said:

There is no PSN pre order beta offer either.

Why does it seem like physical retail copies of a game get all the incentives?

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