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Ten More Seconds of DriveClub Should Get Your Engine Going

Posted by Sammy Barker

Va va voom

Evolution Studios will insist on teasing us. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s slender DriveClub gameplay clip, the Runcorn-based developer has unleashed another PlayStation 4 video showing off the improvements that it’s made to the title’s Scotland track from earlier in the year. Honestly, this looks like a completely different game at this point.

Even more excitingly, the title’s delay is allowing the studio to invest more time into key areas – such as the artificial intelligence and audio. “We care about even the smallest details,” a community representative explained on Facebook. “You can expect to hear better engine and collision sounds in the game, which we'll keep showing you more of during development.” Mmm.


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Matt_Berial said:

Every time i see it, it's looking better and better. I'm glad they delayed it for more polish etc.



InsertNameHere said:

Evolution knows what they're doing, so I wasn't worried about the delay, but this is more than what I expected and this is still on their original development timeframe - DriveClub is going to look breathtaking by the time it launches.



Hokage17 said:

I haven't been this excited for a racer in a long time, I think since Need for Speed Underground. While the graphics are impressive ( it almost looks real ) it just looks like a all around great racer. I also like the idea of racing with buddies in teams.

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