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Stealth Inc Steps Out of the Shadows on 23rd July

Posted by Sammy Barker

Hide and seek

Curve Studios’ intriguing PlayStation 3 and Vita sneak-‘em-up Stealth Inc will no longer be a clone in the dark come 23rd July, as that’s when the sly title’s set to deploy on Sony’s systems in North America. Europeans will have to remain hidden for an extra day, as the title’s not due out until 24th July overseas.

Originally released as Stealth Bastard on the PC, the title aims to strip away the frustrating bits from other undercover adventures, and focus on the fun of covert operations. The outing will be fully cross-buy compatible, meaning that you’ll only have to pay once to play the game on your console and handheld.

This is the second major PlayStation Network release from Curve Studios in 2013, following its port of indie platformer Thomas Was Alone in April. You can learn more about the London outfit courtesy of our interview with the studio’s big cheese through here. Are you planning on sneakily snatching a copy of Stealth Inc? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Stargazer said:

@RudyDog They held a contest to decide a new name. I am not sure 'Stealth Bastard' was going to be allowed on the ps store (or perhaps they just thought the name was less appealing or might offend some people).

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