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So, the PS4 Is Ready for Retail in North America

Posted by Sammy Barker

System motors through FCC approval process

When will the PlayStation 4 launch? Well, that sooner-than-expected October release is beginning to look like it’s more on than, er, that anthropomorphic primate with a tie. The final version of Sony’s next generation dream machine has whizzed through the FCC’s fusty office, making the console pretty much legal for launch in North America. Of course, the platform holder still has to actually fashion the systems out of gold dust, unicorn horns, and three-leaf clovers first.

But the real snippet – aside from confirmation that the console will boast a “max clock frequency” of 2.75GHz – stems from the fact that the Japanese giant submitted the paperwork much earlier in the year than it did with the PlayStation 3 in 2006. That not only means that the firm’s way ahead of the curve, but that an early launch is looking more and more likely. We're telling you, it’s deploying on 29th October – a heavenly figure confirmed it in our dreams.


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ViciousDS said:

its VERY possible and now i believe the October 29th launch date.

also 2.75ghz clock speed is very impressive for the price point and the fact that it does have 8 core in it......damn its even more powerful now then i thought lol.

Since its an APU doesn't that mean that the graphics side could be that impressive and as fast as well. I mean my GTX 680 is at 1.2Ghz....roughly have that clock could be the GFX card. Damn wouldn't that be awesome PS4 is capable of surpassing the GTX 680 due to its architecture. The next 7 years are going to be much more exciting then the last 7.



get2sammyb said:

@TOMBOY25 You may want to get some salt and pepper ready... The only thing that makes me question the late October launch is whether the first-party stuff will be ready. DriveClub looks like it could use every minute of extra development.

We'll see how the first-party stuff looks at GamesCom.



sajoey said:

TOO HYPE. Now I just need to get a job to completely pay it off....murrrrrrr.



-CraZed- said:

10/29 would be perfect!!!! I start my clinical rotations on the 30th so I'd be able to stand in line on the 28th and grab mine at midnight on launch day!!!! Come on Sony do me a solid here and make it the 29th!



rjejr said:

My anthropomorphic primate w/ a tie is a better PS4 mascot (or maybe X1 if you watch it until the end): (and yes, I got the "on like DK" ref., mine's still better)

BTW - you used that photo w/ the Eye just to ruffle my feathers, didn't you?



Savino said:

Can I buy one now?! I dont mind the absence of the box, or manuals, or cables... Just give the console and one single controller and we are good!



InsertNameHere said:

If I remember right, October 31 is Nath--I mean Nolan North's birthday - What better way to thank him for all his years of hard work.

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