Evolution Studios may have spent the lion’s share of its segment of the PlayStation 4 press conference talking up the visual strides that it’s making with launch title DriveClub – but the developer has admitted that after a number of years spent in “PlayStation 3 land”, it took some time for the team to catch up to the leaps in graphics technology that have been taking place on the PC.

"With [the PS4 boasting] a very contemporary GPU core, [there's] a whole bunch of new graphics features probably familiar to PC developers, but we've spent a lot of time in PS3 land, so we had to play catch up on some of those great things like texture varieties, hardware instancing, volume textures, tessellation, [and] texture compression,” the Runcorn-based developer’s technical director Scott Kirkland told EDGE magazine [via VideoGamer].

Kirkland added that the PS4 will not only provide much better visuals than its predecessor, but will also offer a much slicker overall experience. "The Play-Go initiative, which [system architect] Mark Cerny spoke about, those are discussions we've been heavily involved in," he explained. "Combined with the Blu-ray disc for physical delivery, the hard drive is going to allow us to deliver awesome experiences to players in a fraction of the load times and download times that players experienced on the PS3."

While it’s not especially surprising to hear a first-party developer say positive things about its parent company’s impending console, it’s impressive just how much involvement external parties have had in the design of the PS4. It's clear that the input has had an impact on the quality of the system, though, with numerous third-party outfits singing the praises of the impending machine.

[via videogamer.com]