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Andrew McCutchen Hits a Home Run in MLB 13 Cover Vote

Posted by Sammy Barker

Bringing it home

Don’t expect any hard hitting commentary in this story – we know as much about baseball as we do embroidery. Still, we daresay a handful of you will be delighted to discover that Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen has won MLB 13: The Show’s cover poll. The player garnered over 100,000 votes in the title’s five-day ballot, presumably due to his outstanding facial hair.

The second position went to New York Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia with just under 90,000 votes, while Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera came third with roughly 76,000 nods. The game’s due out on 5th March on both PlayStation 3 and Vita. So, er, who’s watching the United and Liverpool game, then?


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Antlink said:

Sure, Miguel Cabrera won the Triple Crown and the MVP... I'm from Venezuela and I'm just guessing that north americans just vote for their owns -.-...



rjejr said:

CC Sabbathia came in 2nd? Stupid Yankee fans know more about being bad winners and worse losers than baseball (said the Mets fan who wanted to vote for RA Dickey but knew better and voted for Cabrera).

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