Gravity Rush’s popular heroine Kat will boast some unique traversal techniques when she’s added to the roster of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as post-release DLC. Chatting with Push Square at a recent launch event in London, former Capcom employee Seth Killian told us that the loveable protagonist will be able to “move around the screen like nobody else”. Unfortunately, the dizzy diva is not quite working as intended at the moment.

“As for Kat, well, she’s kind of broken right now,” the lead game designer told us. “Again, these [DLC] characters are very early. They’re just sort of mock-ups that still look like other characters. They’ve got bits of other protagonists still stuck on them that we have to rework in order to get them properly finished.”

Assuming the design doesn’t change prior to release, Killian added that the character will feature lots of crazy movement options, and the ability to adapt physics. “Obviously, she’s immune from gravity, and she’ll have the opportunity to exploit that in battle," he said. "She’s got a lot of great combos already actually.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Killian reiterated that the developer has nothing to announce with regards to Crash Bandicoot. You can read the full chat exclusively on Push Square later today. In the meantime, point your browser towards our PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale review for our full thoughts on Sony’s debut mascot mash-up.

Update: You can now read our full interview with Seth Killian through here.