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Sony: Trophies Are Coming to PlayStation Mobile

Posted by Sammy Barker

Bling, bling

PlayStation Mobile released with a deluge of delicious content earlier this month – but none of its launch titles boasted Trophies. Sony has since admitted that incorporating the rewards system is a top-priority for the platform's team, alongside proper leaderboard integration.

"It's coming," Senior Manager of Mobile Content Acquisition Sarah Thomson told Polygon. "I couldn't tell you what the timeline is on that, but those kinds of features are definitely in our purview. We are hearing the feedback, and we take everything from what the gamers are saying and what the developers are saying to heart. Trust me, it's a priority for us.”

Thomson continued that there’s “method” behind PlayStation Mobile’s basic launch. "We're calling it a beta launch,” she explained. “It's because we want developers and our gamers to give us feedback real time, on, 'What do you like? What would you like to see improve? What would you like to see come out in the future?' So the gaming community and the development community are genuinely shaping what our offering evolves into."

Have you played any of the PlayStation Mobile launch titles yet? What's your overall opinion of the service? Would Trophies encourage you to purchase more games? Let us know in the comments section below.


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3Above said:

Iv Played Fuel Tiracas. It fun but i only played it for less than an hour and havent played it in days since. Just like most mobile games. But if they can add trophy support and still keep a similar price point it should take off.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Yeah, right...they decided to add Trophy support after people on the PS Blog begged for it directly following the launch of PS Mobile. There was reportedly not even any mention of such plans in developer documentation prior to that event (as told me by a developer friend of mine), meaning they've panicked and intend to add it due solely to consumer demand. Demand that they SHOULD have seen coming, had they had any sense in their heads in the first place.



hamispink said:

I hope that the smaller games don't just offer high quality and easy trophies just for sales to trophy whores like me. I enjoy collecting trophies to compare and challenge friends, but some more games that offer unbalanced trophies could further ruin the challenge of getting a higher trophy score, as silly as that sounds.
Though on that note, I would definitely be more interested in buying ps mobile games if they offered trophy support.



JavierYHL said:

hmm the psmobile games just dun impress me...come on sony i need ff and mh...

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