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A Ridiculous Amount of People Have Played FIFA 13's Demo

Posted by Sammy Barker

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If you live in North America, you might be shielded from the popularity of football (or soccer as it’s more commonly known on your shores) – but make no mistake, it’s a religion in some parts of the world. That’s evidenced by the sheer amount of gamers that hurried to download FIFA 13’s demo, which released on PSN earlier this week.

Already the sampler has clocked up 1.99 million downloads across multiple platforms, with just under 900,000 players plumping up pre-orders for the game. We imagine that number’s only going to soar as publisher EA Games puts its marketing machine into gear and really starts to promote the title.

FIFA 13 implements a number of new gameplay features, including First Touch Control, which is designed to give a more natural flow to the game. Less skilled footballers will no longer be able to bring the ball under control like a magnet, adding a layer of difficulty to the basic passing game.

The full package dribbles onto PS3 and Vita on 25th September in North America and 28th September in Europe. Are you planning on giving it a shot?

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kokodas said:

This game is a joke. I tried demo and to me it looks same as FIFA 12.
And price is also higher than other big games



ShogunRok said:

I'll be buying FIFA 13, the gameplay feels smoother than ever but it looks almost exactly the damn same. I can't believe we have players with extreme cases of potato face in 2012. Apart from Rooney, I mean.

Still saying that, the fact it's £49.99 on the PlayStation Store is horrendous. Physical copy for me I think.



eliotgballade said:

these games have gone as far as they can go , and when the next one comes out they're worth about 50p . (in fact , i've known them to be refused on trade-in) . avoid and spend your money on a real football.

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