The Pinball Arcade will finally fire onto the European PlayStation Store next week. Following a series of setbacks, developer Farsight Studios had promised that the simulation would launch overseas last Wednesday. However, when the title failed to materialise, gamers once again decided to pull out their pitchforks.

But in a statement released this afternoon, the developer explained that the delay was designed to ensure the PS3 and Vita versions of the titles launched together. "At the last minute Sony Computer Entertainment Europe approached us with a plan to promote both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions if we agreed to delay the PlayStation 3 version so that they could come out together,” the developer explained.

"We really can't turn down that kind of publicity when a big company like Sony offers it to us, so we consented."

The studio concluded the statement by thanking fans for their continued patience. At least we finally have a firm release date, eh? Now, about The Walking Dead: Episode 2...