Sony’s upcoming Monster Hunter-esque Vita exclusive Soul Sacrifice is designed to be played with other people. But the dark fantasy title will also boast a single-player mode, allowing you to progress alongside AI allies.

When alone, you’ll be able to bring two computer controlled party members with you. One such character is Nimune – a hooded heroine with a bandaged arm. She’ll apparently play a key role in the game’s narrative, too.

Missions are selected through a cursed novel known as the Rebrom. You'll encounter the book after being thrown into jail at the start of the game. According to fellow prisoners, it provides hints about the truths of the world and how to escape from your sacrificial fate.

In an interesting twist, all of the enemies in the game will resemble former humans who have succumbed to the usage of magic. Similarly, stages will represent the desires of people transformed into physical form.

There’s huge potential in Soul Sacrifice’s concept and narrative. Let’s just hope the title doesn’t squander it.