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Mass Effect 3 Deploys Operation Overwatch This Weekend

Posted by Sammy Barker

Loot pursuit

If you’re one of the six people still actively engaged in Shepard’s war against the Reapers, you might be excited to learn that BioWare’s preparing another Bounty Weekend for Mass Effect 3.

This time the developer wants you to aim for successful extractions on any difficulty with at least one Earth pack character in your squad. The allied goal is to extract 800,000 players in total, with each living character at the end of a round counting towards that target. Group success will reward you with a special Commendation pack, while reaching the allied target will net you a unique Victory pack featuring a new Earth character.

Due to the failure of the previous Mass Effect 3 multiplayer event, extraction time has been extended to ensure success. More details can be obtained through here.


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ShogunRok said:

I'm proud to say me and my friends are three of those six people.

It's pretty laughable how easy this goal is. Bioware have been known to set almost impossible tasks in some of these past events; it's about time they realised that ME3 co-op does not have the same user base as something like CoD. Asking us to kill 3 million Banshees in 2 days was never going to happen.

Sure, the user base are pretty loyal and maybe even a bit fanatical, but the numbers just aren't there to achieve goals like that.

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