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Free-to-Play Games are "Huge" on PlayStation 3

Posted by Mike Mason

Free love

Here's a fact that might surprise you: 70% of free-to-play MMORPG DC Universe Online's players are on PlayStation 3.

Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley revealed the statistic while talking to GamesIndustry International, boasting that PlayStation 3 was proving a viable platform for free-to-play games.

It's 70 per cent of the audience. Free-to-play on PlayStation 3 is huge. In fact, right now, it's us with DCUO and Free Realms and our friends at CCP with Dust 514 that are going to prove that this market really works.

Smedley admitted that there was trouble convincing Sony about the market, but given the opportunity the figures ultimately spoke for themselves.

I admit there was a mindset where when you use the word 'free' people pause. 'Wait a minute, what do you mean by free?' But even then people want to see the results. With DC Universe Online the split that we're seeing ended the debate right there.

With free-to-play the current 'big thing', it wouldn't be a huge surprise to see more titles of the sort arrive on PlayStation 3 in the future. What do you think of the model?


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Stuffgamer1 said:

I almost tried DC Universe Online, until I read that you have to pay $15 a month to actually earn Trophies in it. Until they get that BS sorted out, screw them. I know they said that Sony wouldn't allow them to include Trophies in the free version due to Trophy rules, but all they had to do was add a one-time "Trophy access" fee. I'd have been willing to pay for that.



Azikira said:

@Stuffgamer1: You would really not play a fairly fun game that's totally free JUST because you can't get trophies from it? You must've jumped way past Metal Gear Solid 4 then.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Azikira: Never played 2 and 3...didn't see much point going for 4. Of course, I now have the power to remedy that with the HD Collection...but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Don't get me wrong...I can play games without Trophies no problem. Thing is...this isn't that. This is playing a game that HAS Trophies, but being told I have to pay for the premium package (which, for the record, contains things BESIDES just the Trophy support) just to earn the Trophies that do in fact exist in this game. And meanwhile, I'd have a big fat 0% attached to my profile. So I'd not play a potentially fun game in protest of BS business practices, yes. Not as though I don't have plenty of other stuff to keep me busy anyway.

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