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Tomba! Sprints onto PSN on 19th June

Posted by Sammy Barker

Pigs can fly

Tomba!, the most anticipated PSone re-release in the history of the PlayStation Network, finally has a release date: 19th June. Indeed, in just over two weeks you’ll be able to enjoy one of the finest PlayStation titles of all time without the need to auction any of your internal organs.

It'll cost you just $9.99 to admire the fashion conscious caveman’s colourful Barnet, which is on the upper-end of typical PSone price points. But seeing as there’s currently a copy of the popular platformer selling for $250 on eBay, we reckon it’s actually quite the bargain.


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CanisWolfred said:

Argh, and I can't get anything in June. Guess I'll have to wait until July before I get it...



evildevil97 said:

And to think I bought it for $40 a few years ago... at least it included the manual.

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