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GameStop Pulls PSP Titles from 25% of North American Stores

Posted by Sammy Barker

Goodnight, sweet prince

In news that will surprise nobody, US retail giant GameStop has decided to remove PSP titles from around 25% of its stores. The move is designed to maximise “merchandising space in the smallest” outlets. Larger stores will continue to carry the brand, as will

With the Vita now readily available worldwide, it’s a sign that roughly seven years after release, the PSP’s time is up in North America. Meanwhile, the handheld continues to perform reasonably in areas of Europe and Japan.


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Zergling said:

Glad I got all of my PSP games traded in...will the stores that are still carrying the PSP still continue to accept trade-ins on PSP hardware/software?



theblackdragon said:

to be honest, i've been buying most of my games/UMD movies on the internet anyway. thanks, Amazon~ :3



Stuffgamer1 said:

Heck, I don't buy UMD's anymore anyway, so I couldn't care less. Downloads are the way to go for PSP games...although there are still some games missing from PSN...but I already have UMD's of the ones I want, so...yeah.



Play_It_Loud said:

I love my psp and plan to continue playing it for years to come. My UMD collection just keeps on growing, and most of the best games can be found for very cheap.

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