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Anarchy Reigns Release Date Unclear

Posted by Sammy Barker

Chaos ensues

Don’t ask Platinum Games when the upcoming Anarchy Reigns is set to release in North America and Europe – the developer doesn’t know. Despite being localised and ready to go, SEGA has switched the title’s Western release date to TBC. “That means to be confirmed, not to be cancelled,” the developer joked.

SEGA’s yet to even acknowledge Platinum Games’ comments, but the title still looks set to release on 5th July in Japan. Obviously, anything can happen in this industry, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Anarchy Reigns launched as intended this summer. Y'know, seeing as the game is “ready to go” and all.


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ShogunRok said:

Fans seem to be freaked out by the possibility of this game not coming to the west at all. It's possible seeing as it's such a shaky situation, but SEGA would have to be pretty huge trolls to scrap all plans for a western release.



Kor-Meteor said:

I want this game bad, thus far I have enjoyed every game made by Platinum, especially Vanquish and Bayonetta !

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