Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s aiming to steer the first-person shooter genre in a more realistic direction – by including an extremely challenging hardcore mode.

Hardcore mode is inspired by real-life where one shot means you’ve pretty much had it. There’s no respawn points in real war, folks.

According to CVG, the game will also sport a co-operative mode, but it’s unclear what form the content will take. Call of Duty style Spec-Ops missions seem most likely.

Like its 2010 reboot, Warfighter will focus on Tier 1 Operators as they go about their daily missions. Again, real-life soldiers have apparently contributed to the content of the game.

As expected, the game will utilise DICE’s new Frostbite 2.0 engine. Expect the game to be uber pretty, then.

A full reveal is expected next week, during the Game Developers Conference.