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Sony Japan Reveals Move Bundle for Hot Shots Golf PS3

Posted by James Newton

Will it come West?

Sony's preparing to patch Move controls into its classic PS3 golf game Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds — otherwise known as Everybody's Golf: World Tour — but in Japan it's going a step further, physically re-releasing the game with a Move Starter Pack to entice PlayStation gamers onto the fairway.

The bundle of game, controller and PlayStation Eye camera will sell for 6,980 yen, about £55 or $86. Considering the game is now three years old this doesn't seem the best bargain, but Sony will be hoping those golf-mad Japanese will go crazy for it anyway.

According to the Clap Hanz website, Japanese gamers will get their PS Move patch on 14th July, but there's no word yet on a Western patch date. We'll keep you posted, though.


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dmmp1234 said:

It looks like it will track-
-Toe and Heel Contact of Clubface
-Inside/Outside Swing Path
-Open and Closed ClubFace
-Also Tempo and Club Speed Looks interesting!



James said:

@Tatsumaru Looks like it'll be free, but we're waiting on that confirmation still.

Hopefully the Move controls here are up-to-par with the rest of the game. I love Everybody's Golf!



Gertmint said:

I like the idea of a golf game with the move, but until I see a top review from "movemodo" I wont be buying any.



James said:

@Gertmint There are some decent ones out there but nothing really has got everything right. John Daly's ProStroke Golf is still worth a try though if you find it cheaply!

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