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SOCOM 4 "Pro" Access Code

Posted by Christopher Ingram

A stealth counter attack on the used game market

It was just a matter of time before other developers starting building on the foundation that EA built. EA paved the way to counter the used market trend by placing access codes to enable the online features in their games inside the individual gaming package. If the game is bought used, and the previous owners enabled the online access code, then the new owner will therefore need to purchase online access from PSN ($14.99) if they want to experience the full game. Sony has now jumped on this bandwagon, but they have upped the ante, and are offering a few incentives to grab those new game purchases as well.

SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs will offer what Zipper Interactive is calling SOCOM Pro, and not only does this enable access to the online modes, but a few goodies are thrown in the bag as well.

  • Pro Custom Game types are instantly enabled – beta tester will be instantly familiar – these are custom games that are setup by Zipper that offer a wide range of unique play styles. These custom games will be updated over the entire SOCOM 4 lifespan and Zipper is quoted as saying “it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving for quite some time.”
  • Two exclusive weapons will also make it into the mix within the first 30 days, and those are the M-16 (Spec-Ops) and the AK-47 (Insurgents), both of which have been requested by fans during the beta.
  • Exclusive multiplayer.
  • Dedicated Leader boards.
  • Lots more!

SOCOM Pro will be available for those who don’t purchase the game new on PSN for $14.99, but there is another reason to pick up SOCOM 4 new at launch day, and that is the chance of claiming one of the Resistance 3 Beta Codes, which will also be available in the Full Deployment Bundle as well, so get them while they last!

While Sony’s method of claiming the purchase of new games is basically the same as EA’s, the incentives they are throwing out to their fans for buying new is well worth the extra few bucks that are saved with a used game purchase at launch.

How do you feel about this now growing trend of getting gamers to the retail stores at launch, instead of waiting to purchase used? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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din_djinn said:

Personally, I thinks it's a reasonable compromise — though that's easy for me to say as I live in a market that doesn't support used games (they're all either pirated or new original games.)

Every used game sale is a loss to the publisher/developer. This is a way to regain more new sales. And as long as the consumer is aware of the deal, the consumer can decide how to spend their money.



James said:

I think this is a good idea; EA did something similar with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, where you could play it online if you bought it pre-owned but you didn't get the maps etc. Works for me!



Slapshot said:

I'm right with you guys too! I think this is a great idea that EA though up and if it helps keep the developers/publishers around there is no wrong in it in my eyes!

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