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Tiger Woods 12 Demo Strokes PlayStation Network Today

Posted by James Newton

EA chips in

You can get your hands on Tiger's wood from today, as EA releases a free Move-enabled demo for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters on PlayStation Network across North America.

The free trial of the game shows off the new True View first-person perspective that will hopefully make those clutch shots easier to pull off. It'll also explain more about the new career mode and Masters tournament, and you'll be able to carry your earned XP across to the full game, even earning more if you recommend the demo to your friends.

Let us know what you make of Tiger's second attempt to take the Move golf crown.

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ragingbender said:

Can't wait to play this with my move. Finally something responsive that should detect every movement instead of the Wii.



Swolern said:

Yes move works great. Much much better that 2011! Got to give it to EA, they have been coming out with some amazing sport games lately.



autogolazzo said:

This is fun. The navigation seems a little weird at first - not sure if I am really grasping it or not but why will it not accept the Move's "start" button? Oh well...

It's a little difficult to do the whole shot navigation thing where it zooms you into where your shot should go. Other than that, it is fun as hell. It's fun to do a full swing and tee it off or chip it onto the green. Feels like actual golf. The putting even moreso: just as when you putt in real life you guide your arms through the whole stroke in a slow methodical motion, it works the same here. Let's see how the real testers evaluate this thing when the final version comes out.

One huge positive from last years's version: No switching between DS and Move controller for navigation — its all done with the move.



dmmp1234 said:

We have huge forum posts going on at TW official Forum.
There is a lot of "Wonky" Stuff going on with move controls.
Read in the Forum on Here!!

I advise everyone to try the demo and write on their forum and hopefully they will fix these problems!!!!

At the moment (demo) John Daly's Prostroke Controls are even More Superior than previous!

Exception is Putting on Tiger Woods 12 Move, Thou from everyones comments is Superior to every other Golf games putting previously made! I def agree!!!!
BTW Augusta looks amazing!!!!

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