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Ubisoft Gives Move a Striptease with We Dare

Posted by James Newton

You read that right

If you've got Move and want a party with your family, Start the Party, Buzz the Ultimate Music Quiz and TV Superstars pretty much have you covered, but what if you want a party that's a little less clean-cut? Ubisoft is about to have you covered with We Dare, coming to European PlayStation Movers this Friday.

While the game blurb contains much of what you'd expect with a party game – you create a character, take part in minigames and so on – the game's real claim for your attention is its supposedly saucy atmosphere.

Players can choose one of five party themes – enchanting, persuasive, naughty, adventurous or brainy – with the naughty theme letting you "challenge your mates to a racy strip-tease" and engage in a "wide variety of naughty and silly challenges".

The fact sheet makes it sound like Carry On: The Game, with the game carrying a PEGI 12 rating, so expect innocent fun to be top of the bill.

We'll be hosting our own sexy Move party to bring you a review next week.

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Madgame said:

I'm digging the style of the ing-game avatars. Any word on a North American release? Looking forward to the review...



lipnox said:

social sex related games are better when your not holding a video game controller. its essentially "truth or dare" mixed with mario party or something. but in my mind you'd be better off playing the real version because something like this might be more likely to scare off girls then attract them.

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