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Out Today: Killzone 3 (North America)

Posted by James Newton

At last!

After the betas and the demos stoked your bloodlust, you can finally purchase Killzone 3 across North America today.

Fully playable with PlayStation Move for enhanced accuracy, the game also supports the new PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter accessory that houses the Move and Navigation in a beefy-looking rifle.

If you're jumping into Killzone 3 with PlayStation Move, be sure to read our guide on How to be Better with PlayStation Move in Killzone 3 and bookmark us as we'll be bringing you the most in-depth Killzone 3 Move content out there.

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TGov said:

I am disappointed that Amazon isn't shipping the sharpshooter at the same time as KZ3. I will have my game today, but the sharpshooter still has not shipped

Oh well



TGov said:

Ya, but I didn't have over $100 in credit at that website



lipnox said:

just beat Killzone 3 with the move, all I can say is if you own a ps3 you need to get this game and the Move. Also Botzone unlocks everything automatically so if you cant get online you wont be punished like in Modern Combat.



din_djinn said:

@ lipnox

Beat Killzone 3? It's only been out for like 12 hours, lol. Just curious, how long did the campaign take you?



Swolern said:

Played this with sharpshooter and in 3d and holy crap, blew my socks off. Campaign feels like I am starring in an action movie. Right in the middle of it with bullets flying at me and adrenaline pumping. The sharpshooter brings a very different way to play a FPS. It does have a learning curve and is more difficult to use at first than the stand-alone move. But very fun and oh so satisfying to shoot an opponent with.



lipnox said:

@din_djinn it took me 5 hours on easy with the Move. I didnt intend on beating the campaign day 1 but it was soo awesome I couldnt stop



TGov said:

I wish I had a 3d tv at times, but the wife wasn't on board



Slapshot said:

I'm all for short action packed campaigns! I've beaten MW2 3-4 times because of the length, and constant action.



lipnox said:

5 hours for a fps campaign is whats expected, even uncharted 2 was 7 hours and that had puzzle elements that make the game longer.



SilentJ said:

Man I wish Amazon would hurry up with my Helghast edition.

Love your avatar. Get your wife on the 3D bandwagon. I tried the 3D demo and it blew me away. Can't wait to play the full game in 3D!



GoldenCannon said:

Swolern I'm with you on this, it is exactly how I felt when playing this game using Move and 3D. I was blown away by the awesomeness of this game, holding the sharpshooter feels like I'm holding a gun and 3D adds more realism to the game. You can see the bullets come flying at you in 3D, at times I was dodging the bullets, sounds silly but it's true. I think any PS3 owners should buy this game and the Move, non-PS3 owners should buy the PS3 just to experience this game.

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