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MLB 11 The Show Only Supports Move in Home Run Derby Mode

Posted by James Newton

That's all, folks

As the latest entry in Sony's flagship baseball series, it's no surprise that MLB 11 The Show will support the company's flagship motion controller, PlayStation Move. When MLB 11's Move support was announced it was thought only the game's Home Run Derby mode would be playable with Move, denying pitchers the chance to use Move's accuracy, and now the game's finalised fact sheet confirms that.

The controller is only mentioned towards the end of the sheet, proving it doesn't play a large part in the game's feature set, with the description reading:

Additional new features for PS3 include stereoscopic 3D functionality in all gameplay modes, a customizable camera editor, stadium specific broadcast camera angles for all 30 MLB teams, new weather elements in the form of rain and dynamic cloud coverage, stadium specific jumbotrons and fireworks, and PlayStation®Move motion controller support, making its debut in the Home Run Derby® mode.

As the game's DualShock controls have received a total analogue overhaul it's a little disappointing that Move support is limited to the Home Run Derby mode alone, as full Move compatibility would be a great showcase for the controller's abilities.

Will the game's lack of full Move support keep you from making a purchase? Would you want to play an entire ball game with PlayStation Move? Let us know in the comments below.

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lipnox said:

this is a franchise known for quality. it's likely they will add full move support to all sony produced ps3 games 2012 and onwards unless the title would serve no benefit from Move controls.



GiggleFish said:

While I would love to be able to pitch using the move as well, I would rather get one, well-polished game mode (the home run derby) that takes full advantage of the move than a game with full more support that feels tacked on.



RonF said:

That's disappointing. I'll skip until this is introduced next year.



Swolern said:

Disapointing.... Will skip on purchase due to this. May still rent



Strofan7 said:

Forget where I read it, but the developers hinted at adding more robust Move support in the future. For now I agree with GiggleFish, I'd rather have one mode with it well implemented than poor implementation elsewhere.

I think Move could work with baseball, but it could also trash a game if implemented poorly. And besides, everyone's first thought with motion controls is swinging the bat.

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