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Sony Europe Chief: Content, Not Marketing, Creates Success

Posted by James Newton

Reiterates strong demand for Move

Head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Andrew House is an old hand at Sony by now, having joined the company way back in 1990, meaning he's seen pretty much everything games-related the company has done. In a recent interview with MCV he spoke of the key to Move's success: games, not marketing.

We know a marketing push is important around a launch window, but what will really drive adoption of new technology is going to be great content. You can only sustain a certain amount of momentum just based on trying to ram product at people based on a strong marketing push. It really will be content that defines it.

Move's line-up for next year, with LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3 and PlayStation Move Heroes amongst others is looking pretty strong, but Sony needs to ensure it's marketing the controller heavily alongside each title to maintain Move's uptake.


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Paranoimia said:

@Mickeymac - I think House is right in that quality content is what drives sales.

Unfortunatley, what MS and Nintendo have proved - certainly with Wii and Kinect software - is that, these days, the standards that define what passes as 'quality' seem to have dropped significantly for many people.



cmanningtsu said:

My 2 cents:

Great Marketing can make subpar products a reasonable success, moh comes to mind...

Subpar marketing can kill great products. PSP comes to mind...

There are always exceptions to the rule, my examples might not be the best, but you get the idea



cmanningtsu said:

The right marketing campaign all almost always help a product. Assuming your targeting the correct demographic, using the appropriate medium(s), and not offending your existing demographic.



din_djinn said:

Well, the Move controllers seem to be selling now as fast as they can make them with little marketing, and frankly, little quality content, IMO.

I think his point is valid for the long run. I feel quite certain I'll be using my Move for as long as I own my PS3. That's why I'm trying to get my hands on a second one, currently with no success. But I wonder how true that will be for Kinect. It comes down to content. I'm not knocking Kinect's technology. It's pretty cool what hackers are doing with the thing. But unless they add controller support, I really think there's only so much one can do without buttons. And I'm happy I can sit down comfortably and play Tumble or Beat Sketcher or Auditorium with my Move. I don't always want to stand.

My point is that I think the Move will have the content I and others want because it's an added feature to core games. But how many will pick up a Move when they can already use their Dualshock 3? Some good Move exclusives will go far in moving (no pun intended) units off the shelves and into homes.



GoldenCannon said:

I really think Sony needs to market the Move alot more. MS have done this and look at their sales. It's all good to say that content drives sales but Motion gaming is more for the casual market but the average mums and dads have no idea what is good or whats available if you dont advertise the product. You can have the best product available on the market for a cheaper price but if consumers dont know they exist, then they will not be buying it. Marketing drives sales, and this is what Sony needs to do right now.

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