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The Shoot Demo and Move Videos Hit the US PlayStation Store

Posted by James Newton

Heavy Rain, NBA 2K11 and Kevin Butler all inbound

If your Move has gone disappointingly underused in the field of on-rails shooting games set in television studios, it's about to get a free taster of the high life in the form of a demo for The Shoot, available now on the US PlayStation Store.

The game itself was released yesterday, but several gamers have mentioned difficulty locating stock, with some retailers claiming the game is not set to be released until next Tuesday. The official word is that the game is now available, so keep trying. Incidentally, the demo released on PSN is the same as was available on the Starter Disc, so there's no need to download it if you've already rattled through the disc demo previously.

The store is also updated with some videos related to Move titles. Want to find out more about the making of Heavy Rain, but don't want to shell out for the actual game? Are you itching to see NBA 2K11 in motion, or catch up on Kevin Butler's adverts? There are free videos available for your viewing pleasure.

We've listed the Move-related content below. Enjoy!

The Shoot Demo
Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate action hero film star? Find out in the new demo for the exclusive PlayStation Move title, The Shoot.
ESRB Rated T
File size: 383 MB

Game Videos (free)
NBA 2K11 – Become The Greatest Trailer
File Size: 85 MB (HD)
Heavy Rain Concept Video
File Size: 191 MB (HD), 320 MB (1080)
Heavy Rain Beginnings Video
File Size: 282 MB (HD), 472 MB (1080)
Heavy Rain Emotion Video
File Size: 342 MB (HD), 573 MB (1080)
PlayStation Move: Kevin Butler TV Spot – Distractions
File Size: 22 MB (HD)


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Doc said:

I have had this demo for quite some time. I LOVE THIS GAME!! its so much dang fun. I have passed 1 million on the 1st stage of the Demo
My score is a lot more now since my accuracy and target numbers are all in the high 90's

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