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The Shoot (PlayStation 3)

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Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate action star?

Use the pinpoint accuracy and motion tracking of the PlayStation®Move to dodge attacks and take out the bad guys. From robots to outlaws, no villain on the set is safe. Bring a friend along for the ride to turn this shoot into a buddy flick. With five locations to shoot and unlimited bullets, you can bet this is going to be fun. It’ll take precise aim, mighty power moves, and a whole lot of bravado to pull this off, but that’s exactly why you’re playing.

Key Features

Motion controller-based gun-play including powerful special attacks, such as Rampage, Showtime, and Shockwave that allow players to wreck havoc on action movie sets.

Highly destructible environments that can be shot away to expose enemies, secret power-ups, bonus items and deleted scenes.

5 themed movie sets including Haunted House Party, Outlawed, Robot Rebellion.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by James Newton

Lights, Camera, Action!

The Shoot is that simplest of creatures: the arcade lightgun game. If you’ve played any on-rails shooter in the past 20 years you’ll think you know what to expect, but The Shoot makes enough subtle additions to be worth a look even for jaded shooter...

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Doc said:

Had a lot of fun with this demo. 1st lvl got 1,117,900. Fun rail shooter. Thier will be a ton of accessories for it around launch time. this game will have a long life.

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