Whatever Naughty Dog is working on, whether Uncharted 3 or something completely different, it's already too far into development for PlayStation Move controls to make an appearance.

Naughty Dog joint president Christophe Balestra said in an interview with GameInformer:

Maybe in the future. Right now, it's kind of difficult because we're so focused on the next thing. It would be too late for us to start thinking about that. Move certainly has potential.

So that's a categorical not-now-but-probably-later on whether or not the company will create games for Move. With Sony's other powerhouse franchises such as Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2 and inFamous 2 all confirmed or likely to contain Move support, would Uncharted 3 be behind the curve without motion control?

[via computerandvideogames.com]