Nuh-uh, they've just announced a deal to publish Costume Quest, the first downloadable title from Tim Schafer's studio Double Fine.

Costume Quest will be the first of two downloadable games from Double Fine, the second of which will also be published by THQ in 2011.

According to a report published by 1Up, Costume Quest takes place on Hallowe'en night, where players “collect candy, points, cards, battle stamps, and quest assignments from the neighborhood” as trick-or-treaters. Interest already piqued.

Apparently the kids can turn into gigantic versions of their costumes, whether they'll have access to super-powers with which to battle monsters in the neighbourhood.

“We wanted to make a big impression with these, our first downloadable games ever,” said Schafer.

“So we are coming out swinging with two great adventures from two of the most creative minds in the company.”

“We are delighted to work with the creative genius of Tim Schafer and the entire Double Fine studio,” added THQ’s Martin Good.

“Delivering high-quality content across a variety of digital distribution platforms is an important growth initiative for us, and we are pleased to do so with two titles whose potential appeal could encompass both hardcore and casual players.”

No platforms have been announced yet, but we assume it's going to be on the PlayStation Network. It would be a crime if it wasn't anyway.

There are some screens and a preview through here.