We were probably the only publication who genuinely loved (and played to death) the last James Bond game, Quantum Of Solace. So good.

Perhaps then, our excitement for James Bond 007: Blood Stone should be tempered a little. GoldenEye aside, Bond games aren't traditionally good. But they are Bond games, y'know. There's something to be said for that.

The next game to take advantage of the license is coming out of Bizarre Creations. Y'know — Geometry Wars, Blur and Project Gotham Racing. The pitch — third-person shooting, hand-to-hand combat and some adrenaline fuelled racing sequences. Given Bizarre's heritage, we expect the latter segments to be properly amazing. Which will make a change, as "token" racing missions in licensed games are often terrible.

Daniel Craig will return as the super-suave action man once more, with Judi Dench on hand to play the stern-faced "M" and Joss Stone playing Bond's love interest. Comically, Joss Stone will also be providing the vocals for the game's theme song, "I'll Take It All".

The game's due this holiday. There's a trailer after the jump.