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Pachter: Respawn Announcement Is "The Ultimate Screw You To Activision"

Posted by Sammy Barker

If you read PushSquare yesterday you'd know that the fired Infinity Ward gaffers, Vince Zampella and Jason West, have formed a new studio with EA under the guise Respawn Entertainment

Industry analyst Michael Pachter reckons this is a huge "screw you" to Activision.

“This is the ultimate screw-you to Activision — and the ultimate screw-you to EA,” said Michael Pachter, who remembers that Vince and Jason were once under the EA banner working on Medal Of Honor before moving to Activision.

“By going to EA now and getting paid up, they say, ‘you’re finally paying us what we’re due’,” added the Wedbush Morgan man. “EA are being the bigger people here. They’re not wounded at all by the fact that they lost these guys and the Medal of Honor brand deteriorated."

GamaSutra's got more from Pachter right through here.

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