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Doki-Doki Universe (PS4 / PlayStation 4)

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Embark on a journey with QT3 to discover humanity and engage with bizarre characters to learn more about them, and hopefully, learn more about yourself along the way.

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Posted by Alex Stinton

Everybody do the robot

We’re a funny lot, the human race. Capable on the one hand of compassion and understanding, we’re also simultaneously prone to bouts of some much less desirable traits. Doki-Doki Universe from HumaNature – a team made up of some of the creators of...

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Store Update: 10th December 2013 (North America)

10th December 2013 (North America)

Seasonal cyborg

ToeJam & Earl creator Greg Johnson’s bonkers intergalactic excursion Doki-Doki Universe takes centre stage on the North American PlayStation Store this week. The curious cross-buy title sees you exploring weird and wonderful planets, where you’ll need to complete various personality tests in order to progress. Pretty weird,...

News: Doki-Doki Universe Bumbles an Iconic Bass Line This Month

Doki-Doki Universe Bumbles an Iconic Bass Line This Month

Totally jammin'

ToeJam & Earl creator Greg Johnson’s bizarre intergalactic experiment Doki-Doki Universe is set to tie up its Hi-Tops and speed onto the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita this month. The title – which appears to be dated for North America only at the moment – will jam with your consoles on 10th December,...

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