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Vanquish (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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Directed by Shinji Mikami, the creator of the Resident Evil series, VANQUISH™ is a sci-fi shooter of epic proportions with a fast, fluid and frenetic combat system, and an engaging and immersive storyline.

The story takes place on a vast space station in a near future world where nations war over the planet’s remaining energy resources. Against this backdrop, players take the role of Sam Gideon, a government agent kitted out with a futuristic battle suit. A versatile fighter with a huge arsenal of weaponry at his disposal, Sam also has an array of martial arts skills that he can use to take down his robot enemies.


  • Fast, fluid and frenetic.
    This is gaming at its most explosive and exciting, as you storm into battle.
  • Experience a game character like no other.
    Sam is the ultimate weapon, donning a futuristic battle suit of destructive firepower and superhuman speed and agility.
  • Wage war in space.
    Fight your way through the enormous, open environments of the space station. The most advanced, futuristic city in the skies becomes home to the action.
  • Genre breaker.
    Taking the shooter genre to the next level by adding unique offensive and defensive moves, and kinetic melee combat.
  • Challenge and competition.
    VANQUISH will rate players on a variety of statistics, rewarding them for quick reflexes and strategic thinking, ensuring they will want to play the levels again and again.

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Posted by Sammy Barker

Rocket fuelled

As Japan tries to tune its output towards Western tastes, many traditionalists, like ourselves, are worrying that the classic style of Japanese gameplay is prone to change. We've enough Western developed third- and first-person shooters to play — the...

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