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MAG (PlayStation 3)

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Find out if you're man enough to command a 128-strong army into battle with this huge, online first-person shooter for PS3.

Experience a world of online warfare on an unprecedented scale, where 256 players take to the battlefield to win glory and the right to command their troops. Choose the force that reflects your fighting style and prove yourself to move through the chain of command to lead a squad, then a platoon, then an entire army. Exclusive to PS3, this action packed multiplayer madness is sure to sort the men from the boys. Are you officer material?

Bound by the terms of the Millennium Accord, which prevent defense forces from crossing borders, nations now turn to the services of PMCs to secure interests abroad. Today's leading PMCs compete for contracts across the globe, each offering its own approach to a variety of military operations. Choose your loyalty.

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Posted by Christopher Ingram

The war has been raging and it’s time to Move in

MAG is like a bottle of wine, getting better with age. An online-only game exclusively for the PlayStation 3 developed by Zipper Interactive, also known for its long-running PlayStation exclusive franchise SOCOM, MAG garnered a lot of hype before launch...

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danschemen said:

i'm doing to get this game now because the price for the used dropped to $20! talk about good deals!

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