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The Fight: Lights Out (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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Slug it out with the toughest of underground fighters on PlayStation 3.

Use the PlayStation Move motion controller to throw punches, bob, weave and stick in some dirty low blows.
Boost your fitness and stay in shape in this intense brawler.
Playable in amazing stereoscopic 3D.

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Posted by Patrick Elliot

Get the low down on this beat down

If you're a hardcore gamer interested in the PlayStation Move, chances are that The Fight: Lights Out has been on your radar for quite some time. With a full-fledged online mode, dirty fighting moves and a gritty presentation, it is the very antithesis to...

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DomXL90 said:

For those waiting for a review, I jumped the gun and got it anyway ignoring the mainly negative reviews already.. The controls are ok, when done right the head tracking works well, but movement is a pain. The O button will be your best friend here, as you need to recalibrate the stance numerous times during fights.. When the punches work they feel great, but when it isn't calibrated right punching feels and looks like you're swatting flies. This game could use a big patch. The visuals are pretty solid, the tutorials are laughably bad, and I haven't tried online yet... I'd give it a 7.



James said:

Thanks for the info Dom! I haven't tried this one yet but I'd like to give it a blast, though I understand it's not brilliant. There's supposed to be a patch on the way so hopefully that'll bump the score a little!



DomXL90 said:

No problem James. After a few days with the game, movement has become more natural, and the calibration-fixing becomes second nature (back up for a second, square up, hit circle to re-center) after all, in a fight that's what needs to be done once in a while. The online is hit and miss, some fights seem fair and extremely fun, and others are poisoned by players just flailing their arms in a windmill, which is pretty much unblockable and really sucks the fun out of the game, especially when you've had some great fights in an online tournament and this stops you dead in your tracks.



DomXL90 said:

It's well worth the 40 dollars, and it's an awesome workout too. I'd say an 8 is a fair score.



gamerdude74 said:

I just got this game tonight and im having a great time with it! Once u get used to moving and punching its really a blast to play. My shoulders are beginning to ache though but hey, its really that way when u start a new workout because thats exactly what this game will give u, a good, fun workout!



gamerdude74 said:

How do i get the transparency patch? I havent been prompted when i boot the disc and im using a Region 3 copy. Any ideas?

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