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Ace Combat: Infinity (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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Whether a combat-ready pro or a battle-shy beginner, ACE COMBAT INFINITY will let every player become a deadly flying ace, as they embark on a series of high velocity missions. In the solo story Campaign mode, players will be immersed in a brand new story and unleash aerial devastation with surgical precision. The new Online Co-op Mission multiplayer mode lets aces team up to see who can inflict the most damage on the enemy. Execute pre-flight checks – the endless blue awaits.

The infinite blue of the open skies awaits not only veteran but also budding flying aces in ACE COMBAT INFINITY, the first free-to-play game in the hit franchise from NAMCO BANDAI Games. Evolving the legendary series with a brand new story and innovative multiplayer, the game turns the sky into an endless blue battleground, bursting with aerial drama and destruction.

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Fans of Ace Combat are always hungry for new releases, with the last major instalment Ace Combat: Assault Horizon performing its first barrel roll over three years ago. It was no surprise, then, that when Ace Combat: Infinity was announced, there was much...

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Ace Combat: Infinity May Be the Most Intense Free-to-Play Game Yet

Flying high

Free-to-play may be fraught with peril, but that doesn't mean that there's no fun to be had. Ace Combat: Infinity, the newest entry in the long running flight sim series, sees you taking to the skies on your PlayStation 3 without paying a single cent. In order to give the title a boost, developer Project Aces has released this brand new...

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Ace Combat: Infinity May Be Free, But It's Still Silly

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If you were worried that Ace Combat: Infinity was going to drop its silly storyline like a nuclear bomb, then breathe a big sigh of relief: the title is still utterly ridiculous. The free-to-play PlayStation 3 exclusive occurs after an asteroid cluster has collided with the Earth, bringing an end to world order. You play as a mercenary...

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Ace Combat: Infinity Swoops onto PlayStation 3

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Ace Combat: Infinity, the next entry in Namco Bandai’s popular air combat series, will take flight exclusively on the PlayStation 3, according to the teaser trailer embedded below. In addition to the sound of a giggling schoolgirl, the footage includes the quote: “That day our sky fell, the heavens split to create...

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