Topic: apparently using a razer nari essential with a ps3 does not work (?)

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hello everyone. recently, i discovered my old ps3 slim, and thought "hey i still haven't gotten the platinum trophy on the original mirror's edge." so that's what i decided to do that evening. after looking around for a while for a headset that would work on a ps3, i thought "i could just use my razer nari essential. if it works on ps4, then it should work with a ps3 since it doesn't need razer synapse to work." turns out, no you can't use a razer nari essential headset on a ps3 for some reason.

i tried googling the exact words "razer nari essential on ps3", and it's very well possible i'm the first ever person to actually try using such a headset on a ps3 since i found nothing. absolutely nothing about what i was googling. i then tried to use the "register new bluetooth device", and sat there for an hour and yet, nothing.

am i really the only person who's tried this before? is there any reason as to why it won't work?

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