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  • News Snake Pass Gains a New Mode in Free Update on PS4


    Sumo Digital's charming 3D puzzle platformer Snake Pass was a surprise hit when it released last year, with its innovative control system earning it a lot of love from critics and fans alike. To celebrate the game's first anniversary, a free update has been made available today that, among other improvements, includes a new mode. Arcade...

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    Review Snake Pass

    You shall snake pass

    Ah, the age of the 3D platformer. Things were simpler back then: we had Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and – of course – Gex. Oh, how we laughed along with the latter little scamp through his adventures – one of them containing Red Dwarf actor Danny John-Jules and a former Playboy model in FMV. Truly a game that could've only...

  • Hands On Is Snake Pass Sssuper or Snake P*ss on PS4?

    Snake?! SNAAAKE!!

    It'sss all about the controlsss. Alright, we'll stop with the annoying sibilance, but it's true: Snake Pass sounds like a recipe for disaster – but it works perfectly when you've got the DualShock 4 in your hands. And the reason for that is because developer Sumo Digital has clearly invested hours and hours into tuning the inputs...

  • News Snake Pass Slithers and Slides to PS4 from 28th March

    Will boast fang-tastic PS4 Pro improvements

    Sumo Digital's sharp-looking serpent simulation Snake Pass will slither to the PlayStation 4 on 28th March in North America and 29th March in Europe. We were lucky enough to get hands-on with the Sheffield studio's scaly foray late last year, and really enjoyed it – it controls really nicely and has a...